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Summit Peak Technologies, LLC (SPT) is dedicated to computer technology transfer in all fields.

Since 2004, SPT has conducted research and development for slope stability, rockfall mitigation, ground imaging, and deep foundations. SPT has made significant breakthroughs for increasing efficiency, boosting productivity, and bringing realism to geotechnical engineering with SNAP-2 Premium and the Rockery Wall Program.

In 2014, Summit Peak became the first company to utilize the GPU for high speed parallel super computer computation, SPT wrote the first GPU debugger, which allows entire programs to be ported to GPU, not just a small critical routine.   


Technologies under development:

We are currently developing computer vision applications on smartphones using high speed GPU computing. Apps will allow 3D Flash LIDAR and 1000X+ magnification for a microscope and/or telescope using only the smartphone camera. All GPU debugging tools have been developed and are all mature. The program combines video frames you take to generate a highly magnified 3D image. It can replace all existing LIDAR systems, telescopes, and microscopes.