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SNAP-2 Premium FAQ

Q: How do I get a free 30-day trial?  

A: Download and run the program, enter your email address, and press "Free Trial".  After a few moments, check your email, then type in the access key and press <enter>.

Q: I see a message in the project tab about a new version update. How do I get the update, and do I have to pay?  

A: Click the "Update" button to go to the website, close the program, download the new update from the website, then run the program.  All updates are free.

Q: Why is the Premium version so expensive?  

A: The Premium version uses very advanced artificial intelligence technology to quickly determine near-optimal designs, often 30-40% more efficient than designs obtained manually by experienced experts.  The high cost can easily be recovered in cost savings multiple times over on a single project.  Near-optimal designs provide additional protection from value engineers who could profit from these designs.  If you can't afford the Premium version, you can still obtain a design by emailing your project folder to Summit Peak Technologies with a check of 25% of the projected cost savings found by running the design in the Standard version. Please click here to learn more about our technology.

Q: Can SNAP-2 Premium be used to make a complete soil nail wall design? 

A: Yes, using the Standard and Premium versions.

Q: What are the criteria for showing the various failure surfaces in the Bishop Tab?

A: One failure circle is shown for each wall, and an additional circle is shown for the entire slope.  The circle with the minimum factor of safety that intersects a point above the top of the wall and a point below the top of the wall is shown for each wall.  The circle with the minimum factor of safety for the entire slope is also shown.  Sometimes these circles exactly overlap, so for the case of 2 walls, the program appears to plot only 1 or 2 circles instead of 3.

Q: Does SNAP-2 Premium support pre-stressed nails, soil anchors, or tie-backs?  

A: No, although this feature will be available in the future in a free update.

Q: Where can I get help?  

A: Nearly 2 hours of free video tutorials are available, as well as documented help on the website.  The FHWA 96R and Circular-7 soil nail guidelines can be downloaded for free from the FHWA website and used for additional information. Customer support for technical and engineering questions may be purchased from Summit Peak Technologies.  You will be asked to provide your phone number as you check out.  We will call you back to resolve your technical and engineering questions. 

Q.  How can I get a VE SNAP Design using the 25% cost savings option without having to purchase the Premium version?
A.  Run the design in the Standard version with desired parameter ranges and resolutions, and view the cost savings box in the SNAP box.  Email the project folder (in zip format, omitting report sub-folders) to [email protected], and send a check to Summit Peak Technologies (7351 S Andrea Ln, Morrison, CO, 80465) for 25% of the amount of the cost savings.  For example, a customer recently gave us the design specs for a wall currently under construction, to see what level of cost savings they could have realized using SNAP-2013.  The original design was $35.4 M.  The SNAP VE Design was $21.8, with a cost savings of $13.6 M.  Using the 25% option, the customer could have purchased the design for $3.4 M (13.6 * 0.25 = 3.4), and still realized a cost savings of $10.2 M.  Or, the customer could have purchased the Premium version 1 year license for $0.5 M, and realized a cost savings of $13.1 M, recovering the cost of the Premium version 26 times over in a single project.  A value engineer could have received $3.4 M using the 25% option, or made $6.3 M after purchasing the Premium version, recovering the cost of the Premium version 13 times over.  The question is not, "Why is SNAP-2 Premium so expensive?", but, "Why is SNAP-2 Premium so cheap?"

Q.  If SNAP-2 Premium can design safe walls with considerably less concrete, steel, and cost, how will this affect the industry?  Won't this reduce business and the number of jobs in engineering, construction, and material manufacturers and suppliers?
A.  SNAP-2 Premium increases efficiency in many ways.  One engineer using SNAP-2 Premium in 1-2 hours can design a complete soil nail wall, including structural facing components, in a fraction of the time currently required by both a structural and geotechnical engineer.  If SNAP-2 Premium can make an engineer 100 times more efficient, then wouldn't a company replace 50 structural and 50 geotechnical engineers with a single engineer using SNAP-2 Premium?  Actually, a company using SNAP-2 Premium would grow, become more competitive, and be able to hire even more engineers.  How is this possible?  All the structural and geotechnical engineers would now have more time available to work on other projects for bridges, roads, and foundations.  The cost of designing soil nail walls would drop, allowing the company to be more competitive and bring in more business.  This would allow the company to expand and hire more engineering staff.  But, what about construction?  If SNAP-2 Premium can help engineers design walls at half the cost with half the concrete and steel that can be built in half the time, doesn't this mean that half the soil nail wall construction jobs could be lost?  Actually, the increased efficiency allows an owner to build twice as many walls at the same price.  This means the owner can build more roads, construct more structures, and even build larger structures that are currently limited by the price and time required for the design and construction of soil nail walls. Increasing efficiency means that more can be built, resulting in an expansion of both the construction and material industries, benefiting the entire transportation and construction industries, as well as the economy as a whole.  Working to increase efficiency builds the economy.  Resisting change and improvement hurts everyone.

Q.  How do I save my work?

A.  SNAP-2 Premium automatically saves all changes as you work.  You can safely close the program at any time without fear of losing work.  Undo (ctrl-z) and Redo (ctrl-y) are supported.  You may also want to copy project folders to or from another location for backup.

Payment FAQ

Q: How do I pay if I don't have a Paypal account?  

A: Write a check to "Summit Peak Technologies, LLC".  Include the application (SNAP-2 Premium), version (Standard or Premium), duration of license (1 year), and number of licenses (1) on your check, eg. "SNAP-2 Premium Standard, 1 year, 1 license". Mail the check to "Summit Peak Technologies, 7351 S Andrea Ln, Morrison, CO 80465. 

Q: How do purchase multiple licenses?

To purchase multiple licenses, please change the quantity after adding the product in your cart. The number in the quantity box corresponds to the number of licenses for an email account.

Q: How do multiple licenses work?  Is it the same as a server license?

A: SNAP-2 Premium can be installed on any number of computers, all registered with the same email address and key.  Multiple licenses allow more than one copy to run at the same time.  For example, a state department of transportation may have hundreds of engineers working at several office locations around a state.  Instead of purchasing 500 individual licenses, each registered to a separate email, the department could purchase 50 licenses all registered to a single email.  This would allow up to 50 engineers to run the program from different locations at the same time.  The number of licenses currently running is reported on the project tab.  If the number of licenses is exceeded, a warning message will appear, and the engineer will need to wait for an available license before being allowed to run the program.